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(ih-MAN-si-pate), verb
To free or liberate from slavery, restraint, oppression, or bondage.

Many young people feel that an eighteenth birthday has the power to emancipate them from their parents' rules.
(ih-PIH-fuh-nee), noun
A sudden intuitive leap of understanding, often with credit given to divine inspiration; a revelation.

Seemingly miraculous circumstances, such as an unexplained recuperation from serious illness, often lead a person to an epiphany regarding the blessings of life.
faux pas
(foe PAW), noun
An embarrassing social blunder; a behavioral error. French for "false step."

To avoid committing a faux pas, Wendy read several etiquette books before going on her senior trip to Europe.
(GOHS-sip-MOHN-guhr), noun
Someone who conducts a conversation about personal or intimate rumors or facts, especially those that are malicious to and about others.

Stacy was a notorious gossipmonger, yet people still told her their secrets.
(luh-THAR-jik), adj.
Sluggish; inactive to such a degree as to resemble sleep or unconsciousness. A lethargic person is difficult to rouse to action.

After many long hours of vocabulary study, Stephen was lethargic but still unable to call it a night.