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(dik-sha-na-ree) noun

a book containing words and their meanings

A dictionary is used to look up correct spelling and word meaning.
(the-SOAR-us) noun

a book of words and their synonyms
(AT-lis) noun

a book of maps often including illustrations, informative tables, or charts.

It is used to find geographical locations, information about climates, and populations of an area.
(al-min-ak) noun

a book of factual information that is important to the present and past about people, places, and events

Almanacs are used to find out records set or broken in sports, to look up information about the weather, Oscar winners, award winners, agricultural information, statistical information, and much more.
(en-cy-clo-pee-dee-ah) noun

a book that contains many short articles on numerous subjects

Many people use an encyclopedia to do research for a research paper or to help them write a report on a topic.