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(FAL-e-see), noun

A false notion or mistaken belief

It is a fallacy that being popular always means being happy.
(FLUR-ish), verb

To grow or develop well or luxuriantly; thrive; to do well; prosper

Most flowers flourish in full sunlight.
(FOR-mi-da-bel), adjective

1. Arousing fear, dread, or great concern

2. Admirable; awe-inspiring

3. Difficult to surmount, defeat, or undertake

The assignment was a formidable challenge to the new student.
(GAR-goyl), noun

A waterspout or ornamental figure in the form of a grotesque animal or person projecting from the gutter or a building.

The gargoyles at the corners of the mansion look as if they are warning trespassers to stay away from the property.
(ger-RIL-la), noun
A member of a military force that is not part of a regular army and operates in small bands in occupied territory to harass the enemy, as by surprise raids.

The guerrilla hid in the desert and organized the surprise attack on the government officials.