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(a-buh-RAY-shun), noun
A departure (usually temporary) from what is normal, desirable, or expected; divergence from a moral standard. A fancy way to say 'something strange.'

Justin's one bad grade seemed to be an aberration given his history or strong academic performance.
(A-keh-lade), noun
An expression of high praise and esteem. Acknowledgement, praise, and public recognition of an achievement.

Students who enroll in Ivy League schools usually have a history of accolades and academic achievements.
(beh-LIH-je-rent), adj.
Ready to start a war or fight; hostile, aggresive.

Football players, especially those who play on defense, often psych themselves into a belligerent state before each game.
(klan-DESS-tin), adj.
Hidden, secret; concealed from general view or, if illegal, from authorities.

The clandestine activities of spies may seem glamorous in books and movies, but to those who really work in intelligence gathering, life can be dull as well as dangerous.
(die-uh-tribe), noun
A bitter verbal or written attack; a denunciation. Also, a pointed and abusive critique.

Angry at being caught cheating, the student launched a profanity-laced diatribe on the teacher.