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belligerent (adj)
warlike; quarrelsome
bellum war
irascible (adj)
easily angered
ire anger
volatile (adj)
explosive; tending to evaporate quickly
vola to fly
rebuttal (n)
refutation; opposing response to an argument
re- back
refute (v)
to disprove; to rebut forcefully
refutare to drive back
incite (v)
to urge into action
citare to cause to move
pugnacious (adj)
quarrelsome; warlike
pugnare fight
bellicose (adj)
warlike in manner
bellum war
harass (v)
to bother; to annoy
assail (v)
to attack or assault
ad- at + salire leap
tumultuous (adj)
violently agitated
instigate (v)
to goad; to urge on
provocative (adj)
tending to aggravate or stimulate
pro- forth + vocare to call