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10. denounce
v. to blame publicly; condemn, blame, to criticize
9. deliberate
9. adj. careful,characterized
3. heed
3. v.mind,to notice,to bear in mind;listen ,pay attention ,obey
6. aversion
6. n.a feeling of dislike for something;dislike,
4. squander
4. v. waste,to expend,to drain;sped,misuse,throw away
5. adversary
5. n. enemy,one that opposs,enemy;foe,antagonist
7. versatile
7. adj.adaptable,variable, turning with ease from one thing to another;flexible,plaint
1. blissful
1. adj. joyful marked by contentment;radiant,happy,esatic
8. deduce
8.v. to arrive at a conclution from a generalization ;conclude,to infer,reason
2. consequence
2. n. a conclusion derived through logic;result,outcome,effect,end