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boast (verb) (noun)
(v) to speak proudly of oneself, brag
(n) talk that is too full of pride in oneself
Synonym: brag
Antonym: deprecate
eloquent (adjective)
showing the ability to use words clearly and effectively
Synonym: expressive
Antonym: awkward
glisten (verb)
to shine with sparkling light
Synonym: sparkle
Antonym: dull
ideal (adjective) (noun)
(adj)considered to be perfect; existing only in the imagination
(n)a person or thing that is considered to be perfect
Synonym: (adj)complete
Antonym: (adj)real
infectious (adjective)
caused or spread by germs, able or tending to spread from one to another
Synonym: contagious
invest (v)
to put money into something that will earn interest or make a profit; to make use of for future benefit
Synonym: spend
locate (verb)
to find the position of; to settle into a place
Synonym: find
ripple (noun) (verb)
(n)a light wave
(v)to form or cause small waves
Synonym: (n)wave
sufficient (adjective)
as much as is needed, enough
Synonym: enough
Antonym: inadequate
uproar (noun)
a state of noisy excitement, confusion
Synonym: turmoil
Antonym: calmness
Grade 3 Unit 16
Grade 3 Unit 16