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arma, -orum
n. pl., arms, weapons
armor, army, armament, armada, armature, armistice, armadillo, alarm, disarmament, gendarme
cursus, -us
m., running, race; course
courser, cursor, cursory, cursive, concourse, discourse, recourse, precursor, excursion; cp. curro
luna, -ae
f., moon
lunar, lunacy, lunate, lunatic, lunation, interlunar
occasio, occasionis
f., occasion, opportunity
occasional; cp. occido
parens, parentis
m./f., parent
parentage, parental, parenting; cp. pario, parere, to give birth to
stella, -ae
f., star, planet
stellar, constellation, interstellar
vesper, vesperis or vesperi
m., evening; evening star
vesper, vesperal, vespertine
mortuus, -a, -um
mortuary; cp. mors, mortalis, immortalis, and morior
princeps, gen. principis
chief, foremost; m./f. noun, leader, emperor
prince, principal, principality; cp. primus, principium
conj. + subj., in order that, so that, that, in order to, so as to, to; + indic., as, when
adv. and conj. with subj. of command and purpose, not; in order that... not, that... not, in order not to
cedo, cedere, cessi, cessum
to go, withdraw; yield to, grant, submit
accede, access, accession, antecedent, ancestor, cede, concede, deceased, exceed, intercede, precede, proceed, recede, secede, succeed; cp discedo
dedico (1)
to dedicate
dedication, dedicatory, rededication
egeo, egere, egui
+ abl. or gen., to need, lack, want
indigence, indigent; do not confuse with egi, from ago
expleo, -plere, -plevi, -pletum
to fill, fill up, complete
expletive, expletory, deplete, replete; cp. plenus, pleo, to fill
praesto, -stare, -stiti, -stitum
to excel; exhibit, show, offer, supply, furnish
taceo, tacere, tacui, tacitum
to be silent, leave unmentioned
tacit, taciturn, taciturnity, reticence, reticent