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delectatio, delectationis
f., delight, pleasure, enjoyment
delectation, delectable, delicious, dilettante; cp. delecto, delicia, delight
nepos, nepotis
m., grandson, descendant
nephew, nepotism, niece
sol, solis
m., sun
solar, solarium, solstice, parasol
diligens, gen. diligentis
diligent, careful
diligence, diligently
dissimilis, dissimile
unlike, different
dissimilar, dissimilarity, dissemble
gracilis, gracile
slender, thin
humilis, humile
lowly, humble
humility, humiliate, humiliation; cp. humus
maior, maius
comp. adj., greater; older
maiores, maiorum
m. pl., ancestors (i.e., the older ones; major, majority, etc.)
primus, -a, -um
first, foremost, chief, principal
primary, primate, prime, primeval, primer, premier, primitive, prim, primo-geniture, prima facie, primordial, primrose
indecl. adj., how many, as many as
quota, quotation, quote, quotient
similis, simile
+ gen. or dat., similar (to), like, resembling
similarly, simile, assimilate, dissimilar, dissimilarity, simulate, dissimulate, verisimilitude, assemble, resemble, simultaneous; cp. same
superus, -a, -um
above, upper
superior, etc.; cp. supero
superi, -orum
m. pl., the gods
superior, etc.; cp. supero
utilis, utile
useful, advantageous
utility, from utilitas, -tatis; utilitarian, utilization, utilize; cp. utor
pono, ponere, posui, positum
to put, place, set
probo (1)
to test, approve, recommend
probe, probate, probation, probative, probable, probably, probability, approbation, proof, prove, approve, approval, disprove, improve, reprove, reprobate; cp. probitas