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adj. wet, limp, messy
(After getting caught in a rain storm, Jack arrived at work bedraggled.)
syn: unkempt
ant: neat, dapper
v. to be necessary, right or proper for
(It behooved Jack to carry an umbrella regularly when going to work.)
syn: advisable
ant: unnecessary
n. an inoffensive term substituted for one that is offensive
(Use some euphemism if you have to express your anger; language like that is not permitted in my house.)
adj. lasting only a short time; vanishing
(Fortunately his melancholy mood was evanescent, and whithin a short time he was his old self.)
syn: transient, ephemeral
ant: long lasting, permanent
v. to increase the severity of; to aggravate
(He exacerbated the situation by lying to the police.)
syn: intensify
ant: lessen, alleviate
adj. worthy of imitation; commendable
(Her grades last semester were exemplary.)
syn: admirable
adj. not letting light pass through; not transparent; not reflecting light
(An opaque window was installed in the room to provide privacy for the workers.)
ant: transparent, clear
adj. having or showing great wealth; very wealthy or rich (He was living an opulent lifestyle until the strike hurt his business.)
syn: affluent
ant: squalid, scarce
adj. made with elaborate or lavish decorations
(Sue, who likes simple things, thought the room was too ornate.)
syn: sumptuous
ant: simply, plain
v. to set off or apart, separate; segregate (as a jury); to go off by oneself
(If he were ever to finish the novel, he knew he had to remove all distractions by sequestering himself in the mountain cabin.)