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v. to wasting away of the body, its organs or tissue
(The therapist set up a program of leg exercises for him so his muscles would not atrophy.)
syn: waste away, wither
n. a strong dislike for; repugnance
(Carol's aversion to seafood made it difficult for her to eat at the beach.)
syn: distate, antipathy
ant: liking
v. to speak ambiguously in order to mislead or deceive
(His critics accused the President of equivocating on every major issue facing the country.)
syn: evade, dodge
ant: unambiguous
adj. intended for or understood by only a small group of people
(The poem was so esoteric that few people besides relatives of the poet could understand it.)
syn: cryptic
ant: clear, open
n. a speech or written tribute praising a person or thing, especially someone who has recently died
(By the time the minister had finished the eulogy, there was not a dry eye at the graveside.)
syn: tribute, panegyric
ant: vilification
adj. intruding and offensive
(Rather than appreciating all I had done for her, she said I was to mind my own business and stop being so obtrusive.)
ant: unobtrusive
adj. to be so excessively forward in offering one's services that one becomes annoying
(He thought he was being very helpful, but the others thought he was officious.)
syn: meddlesome
n. the use or sound of a word that imitates or resembles what it stands for or describes
(The words "wham" and "buzz" are examples of onomatopoeia.)
adj. not concealed, not hidden; open
(There was nothing overt about his rude behavior, but you could sense it.)
syn: visible, ostensible
ant: hidden, covert
adj. conscientious; attentive to details
(The business owner was very scrupulous about keeping his money separate from the store's money.)
syn: meticulous
ant: careless, negligent, sloppy