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(v.) to greet with loud approval or praise.
(It was the most acclaimed movie of that summer.)
syn: laud, extol
ant: deride
(v.) to agree or consent quietly without protest, but without enthusiasm.
(Once Jack acquiesced, construction on the park was able to begin.)
syn: yield, accede
ant: disagree, resist
(v.) to take in, or to be taken in by a larger group.
(During the nineteenth century European immigrants became assimilated more easily than Asian immigrants.)
(adj.) to be in a temporary state of extreme mental confusion or excitement.
(When they found him wandering in the desert, he was delirious.)
(n.) the process of widely spreading or scattering.
(The invention of the movable printing press contributed to the diffusion of knowledge among the lower classes.)
syn: dispersal
ant: concentration
(n.) the act or process of diminishing or decreasing.
(The diminution of supplies made it difficult for the Red Cross to attend to the earthquake victims.)
ant: augmentation
(n.) aloof contempt or scorn; look down upon.
(She had great disdain for those girls who weren't cheerleaders.)
syn: despise
ant: respect, admire
(adj.) noble in heart and mind; rising above pettiness or meanness.
(To show what a magnanimous person he could be, Ralph contributed more money that he could afford.)
ant: mean-spirited, vile, vindictive, petty
(adj.) having an evil influence; very harmful; likely to cause death.
(His attitude was so malignant that everyone avoided him whenever possible.)
ant: benign
(v.) to wander aimlessly and idly; ramble.
(After dropping out of college, Paul seemed to meander through life.)