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What are the four steps of the scientific method?
1. formulating a problem
2. Observation and experiment
3. Interpretation
4. Testing the interpretation
1. what do u need?
2. how u gna find out?
3. what do u think?
4. lets find out!
a law tells us (1)_______ and a theory tells us (2)______.
(1). what
(2). why
What's a theory?
A theory explains why certain events take place and, if they obey a particular law, how that law originates in terms of broader considerations.
What is a model?
A simplified version of reality. It's included in the hypothersis or theory.
What did newton consider the earth to be?
perfectly round.
unlike a grapefruit and more like a billiard ball
What is an ellipse?
and ellipse is the path of the earth around the sun as an oval.
What causes the earth to be distorted into the shape of a grapefruit?
the way it spins.
what is the one stay that is in the northern sky and seems barely to move at all?
what do stars near polaris do?
move in circles around it.
What do the the circles carry?
the circles carry the stars under Polaris from west to east and over it from east to west.
What are constellations?
Easily recognized groups of stars.