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Cariogenic (adj
Causing the development of caries(tooth decay)
comestibles (n pl
(literally, things that can be eaten up)edibles;food
food that can be eaten
eleemosynary (adj
of,relatingto,or supported by alms;charitable;philanthropic
extrapolate (v
estimate or infer unknown information by extending or projecting known information
By exprapolating from the current rate of population growth,we can tel the probable date by which the world's population will have doubled.
gorge (v
stuff(onself);eat greedily
If you gorge yourselves on the appetizers, you will have no room left for the rest of the meal.
hawk (n
person who supports immediate firm action,including the use of force,to resolve international crisis
when a foreign nation took Americans hostage and refused to set them free, the hawks in Congress favored a military response.
hype (n
exaggerated claims,especially in advertising;anything intended to mislead
The firm is still in business. Its "Going-out-of-Business Sale" last year was just promotional hype.
person who maliciously sets fire to dwellings or other property;arsonist
The fire started by accident.It was not the work of an incendiary
insomniac (n
a person suffering from insomnia (prolonged and abnormal inability to obtain sufficient sleep)
The new employee failed to get enough sleep not because he was an insomniac, but because he had a second job.
interpolate (v
insert between other parts or things;introduce
I became suspicious when I saw the list again. A new name had been interpolated, and I was no longer fourth but fifth.
iteration (n
repetition;something iterated(repeated)
Since I had made the announcement twice, I saw no need for further iteration.
misogamist (n
a person who hates marriage
Hector and Gladys are good friends, but it is unlikely that they will marry because he is a misogamist.
humiliate;subject to shame
Ann has not connected with the ball today, and it would mortify her to strike out again in full view of his crowd.
polemic (n
(from a Greek word meaning "war")attack on or refutation of another's opinions;controversial discussion
Two of the guests had antagonistic political views, so we spent a good part of the evening listening to polemics.
precipitation (n
amount of rain,snow,sleet,hail, etc;falling on an area in a specified period
April's record thirtee-inch precipitation has filled our reservoirs.
pugilist (n
prizefighter;professional boxer
At the bell, the pugilishs moved to the center of the ring and touched gloves.
scorch (v
burn slightly,discoloring the surface
You will scorch the material if your iron is too hot.
subside (v
become less intense;abate;wane
The pain was severe for the first minute or two and then,fortunately,began to subside.
telegenic (adj
making or likely to make a pleasing appearance on television;videogenic
Adam's telegenic personality would make him an ideal host for a TV talk show.
ubiquitous (adj
existing or seeming to exist everywhere at the same time;omnipresent
pollution is ubiquitous;there seems to be no place on earth that is free of it.