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the quality that describes the capacity to do work
flow of electrons, the tiny particles that whirl around the nucleus of an atom
Electric generator
device that converts mechanical energy into electric energy
Fossil fuels
organic substance such as coal, oil, and natural gas that is used as an energy source and is formed from the remains of organisms that lived millions of years ago
Nuclear energy
energy that exists within the nucleus of an atom
Nuclear fusion
the process in which lightweight atomic nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus, releasing huge amounts of energy; basically the opposite of nuclear fission
Nuclear fission
process in which subatomic bonds that bind the components of the atomic nucleus are broken apart, releasing huge amounts of energy
Solar Energy
energy from the sun
Wind energy
energy captured as wind turns a turbine and generates electricity; an indirect form of solar energy
electricity produced by converting the energy of moving water
Geothermal energy
energy that is drawn from heat within the Earth and used to drive electric generators
organic matter in plants or plant products
organic matter in plants or plant products
blend of gasoline and alcohol for motor fuel
Solar cells
devices that convert the sun's energy directly into electricity
Sustainable energy future
we must develop new energy sources, make the most of the ones we already have, and use every form of energy as efficiently as possible