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Pseudonym (noun)
sood n-im

assumed name; pen name

he is john johnson the store manager under the pseudonym mr.joker who has own the store for 10 years.
Chauvinism (noun)
sho ve-niz em

Chauvinist (noun,person)

Chauvinistic (adjective)
predudiced devotion to a group of country

slam peots frequently attack male chauvinists.

many european settlers were so chauvinistic toward native americans that they saw nothing wrong with forcing the Indians nto reservations.

We had lived in a to of Chauvinism of people
Pandemonium (noun)
pan de-mo ne-em
chaos, wild disorder, and niose

There is a lot of pandemonium in my house when we have a ceremony.
Maverick (noun)
mav er-ik
an independent-minded person whod ies not conform or adhere to rules

My brother is a maverick person and doesn't listen to my parents
vivacious (adjective)
vi-va shes
lively; full of spirit

look in that mirror and you can see vivacious spirits around you
Spartan (adjective)
spar tn
lacking in comfor; requiring self-discipline

My friends spartan routine were to come here and have fun.
Quixotic (adjective)
kwik-sot ik
nobl3, but not practical;having unreachable ideals; idealistic

My friend spend 1 year in quixotic just to bulid fence around her yard.
vital (adjective)
vit l
referring to life

they took the baby to the hospital for check up on the heart beat and vital signs
Odyssey (noun)
od i-se
a long and adventurous journey

We moved here form California by driving and it was a odyssey jorney for us.
Gargantuan (adjective)
gar-gan choo-en
hugh: immense

I had t carry this gargantuan box of Ice into the house from the car.
renowned (adjective)
famous; well regarded

I would love to go to hawii because it a renowned place full of beaches and plam trees.
Panorama (noun)
pan-e-ram e

Panoramic (adjective)
a clear view over a wide area

from the top of the ski slope, we had a panorami view of the beautiful colorado mountains.

Going down Washington Ave there is a big panoramic of Downtown Minneapolis.