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What is a status bar?
Displays a brief description of the command selected.
What is a see-through view?
It's a heavy boarder and transparent background.
What is bold?
It's an entry in a cell to enphisize itor make it stand out from the rest of the worksheets.
What is move handle?
You can display buttons on the toolbar
What is a hard copy?
It's a printe version of the worksheet.
What does the select all button do?
It selects the entire worksheet.
What does a full menu bar do?
It lists all the commands assoiciatedwith a menu.
What does an option button allow you to do?
It allows you to select additional formats to assign as part of the selected customized format.
What does the cancil box do?
It cancils the entry.
What is a menu?
It's a list of commands.