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what does Reformat mean?
To reinitialize a disk,which erases all the data on it.
what does Crash mean?
a sudden,major failure of a computer.
what does Ram MEAN?
RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY.The working memory of the computer.
also called a display.A device that displays text and graphics generated by a computer.
a device that is used to move a cursor on the computer screen,and make various operations possible such as typing,drawing,editing text and graphics.
the movable symbol ona computer screen that shows where the user is working,whether typing in text drawing lines,or moving design elements around.
cut and paste?
deleting a block of materialfrom one place to another place.
central processing unit controls the operation of the computer.
back up
to make extras in case original damaged.
recycle bin?
a waste basket where uneeded files can be thrown away.