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Acquiesce (v.)
to accept or consent without protest

Even though I hate dogs, I acquiesced with the other students that the dog was cute.
Anecdote (n.)
an account of something humorous or interesting

John found the anecdote very interesting.
Cogitate (v.)
to ponder

The teacher cogitated before answering the student’s trick question.
Confound (v.)
to become confused or perplexed

The detective became confounded when he heard the case of the missing child.
Copious (adj.)
plentiful or abundant

The farmer had a copious harvest that year.
Expeditious (adj.)
done with speed and efficiency

Packing companies are known for being expeditious.
Imperceptible (adj.)
impossible or difficult to perceive

Due to the haze in the sky, the stars were imperceptible.
Irrevocably (adv.)
impossible to retract or take back

In the United States, the law is irrevocable unless the courts change it.
Paroxysm (n.)
a sudden outburst of emotion or action

When Jen dropped her ice cream, she had a paroxysm of anger.
Peremptory (adj.)
putting an end to all debate or action

The president's peremptory comment put an end to the protest.
Physiognomy (n.)
facial features

His physiognomy proved the spectators' assumptions correct.
Ruffian (n.)
a rough or rowdy person

The referee was like a ruffian beause of his intimdating voice and looks.
Skirmish (n.)
a minor dispute

The father is tired of breaking up the skirmishes between his two daughters.
Vexation (n.)

The bug buzzing above my head was a vexation to my studies.
Virulence (n.)
extremely infectious, malignant

The disease of smallpox was virulent to the Native Americans.