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a deviation from what is normal or expected.
Elana's report card was an anomaly, since she got an "A" in Hebrew.
Syn - abnormality, peculiarity, oddity
Ant - normal, usual, typical, ordinary
Lack of feeling, emotion, or interest
Their apathy about government did not motivate them to vote.
Syn - indifference, unconcern, aloofness
Ant - enthusiasm, ardor, zeal, interest, concern
To fill with intense horror, fear, or dismay
I was appalled to learn the score on my test
Syn - horrify, shock, astound, stun
Ant - please, cheer, elate, exhilarate
3 meanings:
1. To arrest or take into custody. The police apprehended the crook
2. To perceive the meaning of something. You can't apprehend how hard I worked on this.
3. To look forward to something with fear or anxiety. The doctor assured me that there was nothing to apprehend since it was an easy surgery.
Syn - 1) sieze capture
Syn - 2) comprehend, grasp
Syn - 3) dread, fear
3 meanings
1) Determined by one's judgement. "My example is purely arbitrary - you could come up with a better one"
2) Determined by personal whim or preference, as opposed to reason or justice. The judge's sentence should be based on the law, not on an arbitrary decision.
3) Given to willful decisions or demands (tyrannical). He wouldn't make a good leader, for his decisions are so arbitrary.
Syn - judgmental, discretionary, irrational
Ant - objective, fair, just
To act as an impartial judge in a dispute. To settle. The sisters asked their father to arbitrate their dispute.
Syn - mediate, adjudicate
2 meanings
1) To line up or to dress up. The soldiers were arrayed around the fort. At the party, many people were arrayed in fantastic costumes.
2) an imposing grouping, rich and beautiful attire. The killer entered the courtroom with an array of top lawyers. The men were wearing full battle array as they entered the parade.
Syn - align, assemble. Adorn, dress up.
Ant - disperse, dismiss, disband.
To pronounce clearly, distinctly -or- to express well in words. I couldn't understand the speaker because he didn't articulate. The teacher's instructions were very clear and well articulated.
Syn - enunciate, clarify, elucidate
Ant - mumble, mutter
2 meanings.
Out of line or position. After the robbery, all the furniture was askew.
Disapprovingly, scornfully. After his prank, the teacher looked askew at the boy.
Syn - crooked, uneven, unsymmetrical
Ant - straight, symmetrical
To absorb fully or make one's own; to adopt as one's own. Some kids assimilate info better than others.
To adapt fully - High School students are often under great pressure to assimilate their clothes and style to that of their peers