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4.1 arcane (adj)
hidden or secret
4.2 peccadillo (n)
a minor or pety sin
4.3 restive (adj)
4.4 sardonic (adj)
4.5 rapport (n)
4.6 empathy (n)
ability to share in another's emotions, thoughts, feelings
4.7 repugnant (adj)
offensive; causing extreme dislike
4.8 vaunted (v)
boasted or bragged
4.9 prodigious (adj)
of great size or power
4.10 rationale (n)
the fundamental reasons for something
4.11 untenable (adj)
that cannot be held or defended
4.12 tribulations (n)
things that cause suffering or distress
4.13 hinder (v)
to keep back; restrain
4.14 malignant (adj)
very harmful
4.15 principal (adj)
first in rank or authority
4.16 conversant (adj)
familiar or acquainted (with)
4.17 malevolent (adj)
4.18 disparity (n)
4.19 hubris (n)
wanton insolence or arrogance resulting from excess pride
4.20 stoical (adj)
showing austere indifference to joy, grief, pleasure; calm under pressure
4.21 tenuous (adj)
not substantial; slight; flimsy
4.22 utilitarian (adj)
stressing usefulness over beauty
4.23 inarticulate (adj)
not able to speak
4.24 unconscionable (adj)
not guided or restrained by conscience
4.25 virulent (adj)
spiteful; full of hate; rancorous
5.1 prattle (v)
to speak in a childish way
5.2 misanthrope (n)
person who hates or distrusts all people
5.3 stupefaction (n)
stunned amazement or utter bewilderment
5.5 ersatz (adj)
substitute or synthetic
5.6 broach (v)
to start a discussion; bring up
5.7 etymology (n)
the origin or development of a word
5.8 lampoon (v)
to attack or ridicule
5.9 despoil (v)
to deprive of something of value
5.10 nettlesome (adj)
that annoys or irritates
5.16 xenophobia (n)
fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners
5.17 taciturn (adj)
almost always silent; uncommunicative
5.18 ichthyologist (n)
one who studies the branch of zoology dealing with fishes
5.19 malfeasance (n)
wrongdoing or misconduct
5.20 apiarist (n)
a person who keeps bees
5.11 predilection (n)
a preconceived liking
5.12 entomologist (n)
one who studies the branch of zoology that deals with insects
5.4 acumen (n)
keenness or quickness
5.13 chicanery (n)
use of clever but tricky talk or action to deceive
5.14 lepidopterist (n)
a specialist in the study of butterflies and moths
5.21 prerogative (n)
a prior or exclusive right or privilege
(rank, class)
5.22 pathos (n)
the quality of something experienced or observed which arouses feelings of pity, etc
5.23 thespian (n)
an actor or actress
5.24 precursor (n)
a person or thing that goes before
5.25 misogynist (n)
one who has a hatred for women (a man)
5.15 literati (n)
scholarly or learned people