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1.conserve (v)
2.conservation (n)
3.conservationist (n)
1.keep from waste, loss, or decay
2.preservation from loss, injury, or waste who advocates conservation of natural resources
1.detriment (n)
2.detrimental (adj)
1.injury, damage, or something that causes it; disadvantage
2.harmful, damaging
1.exotic (adj)
1.introduced from another country; foreign
2.strikingly unusual; strange
1.folly (n)
1.lack of good sense; foolish action or undertaking
1.formerly (adv)
2.former (adj) an earlier period; previously
2.preceding; previous
1.harmony (n)
2.harmonious (adj)
1.peaceable or friendly relations; accord; agreement; tranquility
2.friendly; amicable
(ant-conflict; disharmony)
1.ignore (v)
2.ignoramus (n)
1.refuse to take notice of
2.ignorant, stupid person; dunce
1.impediment (n)
2.impede (v)
1.something that hinders or obstructs
2.interfere or slow the progress of; hinder; obstruct
1.indolent (adj)
2.indolence (n)
1.disposed to avoid exertion; lazy; idle; lethargic
2.idleness; laziness
1.intact (adj)
1.untouched by anything that damages or diminishes; left complete or entire; uninjured
(ant- imperfect)
1.invalid (adj)
2.invalidate (v)
3.invalid (n)
1.not valid; having no force or effect; void
2.abolish; annul
3.sickly or disabled person
1.noncarcinogenic (adj)
1.not producing, or tending to produce, cancer
1.parsimonious (adj)
2.parsimony (n)
1.unduly sparing in the spending of money; stingy
2.stinginess; parsimoniousness
1.raze (v)
1.destroy utterly by tearing down; demolish; level to the ground
1.reticent (adj)
2.reticence (n)
1.inclined to be silent or secretive; uncommunicative
2.restraint in communicating
1.retire (v)
1.withdraw from active duty or business
2.go to bed
1.retort (v)
2.retort (n)
1.answer; reply sharply or angrily
2.quick, witty, or sharp reply; answer
1.subvert (v)
2.subversion (n)
1.overturn or overthrow from the foundation; undermine
2.sabotage; undermining
1.tractable (adj)
2.tractibility (n)
1.easily led, taught or controlled; yielding; docile
(ant-unruly; intractable)
1.ameliorate (v)
2.amelioration (n)
1.become better; make better; improve