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What are deserts?
A place with a hot, dry climate, with plants that do not need much water.
What are mountain ranges?
Groups of mountains.
What is a peninsula?
A peninsula is a piece of land that has water almost all the way around.
What is a river?
Large stream of water that flows across the land.
What are plains?
Plains are lowlands that are flat, or nearly flat.
What is a climate?
A climate is the kind of weather a place has in each season year after year.
What are landforms?
Natural features or shape of the land.
What is a physical feature?
A physical feature is something found in nature.
What is geography?
The study of the Earth's surface.
What are valleys?
Valleys are lowlands between hills and mountain ranges.
What is a coast?
Coasts are the shoreline, where the water meets the land.
What are plateaus?
Highlands with steep sides and flat tops.
What are human made features?
A human made feature is when you describe a place, you might also talk about the features that people have added to it.