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Content-Area Literacy
Ability to learn thru reading.
Context clue
Use of information surrounding an unknown word or group of words to identify the unknown word. This may include syntax, meanings of surrounding words, pictures.
Conventional Spelling
Students will follow the essential conventions of English spelling. They understand how to apply prefixes, suffixes, contrations, plurals, and verb markers to words. Etc.
Curriculum-Based Assessment
Use of measurement tools and tests that are directly related to the current classroom curriculum.
Analyzing words by identifying sound units.
Removal of a sound or phoneme from a word. Usually only initial or final sounds.
Identification of a specific learning problem.
Diagnostic Teaching
Use of assessments about student problems and progress to design lesson plans.
Diagnostic Test
An assessment designed to measure a student's academic strengths and weaknesses.
A gliding vowel sound normally represented by two adjacent vowels.
Direct instruction
An instructional Strategy that includes modeling reading writing and speaking skills, the use of guided reading and the encouragement of independent reading and writing.
Directed listening thinking activity DLTA
Both assesses and instructs students. Listening, predicting, and confirming one's predictions are emphasized.
The ability to process words in a text in the correct order. Left to right word progression and the return sweep
Emergent Literacy
Awakening of a student's reading ability. They have well developed oral language skill, understand the print concepts and are phonemically aware.
Study of the origins and histories of words.