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execration (ex e cra tion)
a curse
remonstrance (re mon strance)
earnest protest, complaint
paradox (par a dox)
contradictory occurrence or statement
dialectic (di a lec tic)
two opposing forces that must exist simultaneously
congenial (con gen ial)
friendly, sociable
empanel (em pan el)
a panel, a list of jurors
avouch (a vouch)
to declare as a matter of fact
maxim (max im)
a general truth
hyperbole (hy per bo le)
exaggeration for effect
credulity (cre du li ty)
readiness or willingness to believe
perdition (per di tion)
utter destruction
calumniate (ca lum ni ate)
make false, malicious statements
necromancy (nec ro man cy)
communication with the dead for magic purposes
peradventure (per ad ven ture)
perhaps or possibly
abhor (ab hor)
hate or be in horror
impious (im pi ous)
lacking in reverence or respect
formidable (for mi da ble)
causing fear or dread
ascetic (as cet ic)
practicing strict self denial
emaciate (e ma ci ate)
to become very thin
impugn (im pugn)
resist, oppose or attack
preternatural (pre ter nat u ral)
existing outside of nature