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2.) effluent
1.) a stream or overflow from a larger body of water, or from a channel or sewer
2.) flowing out
12.) undulate
to have or to cause to have a wavy motion
13.) redound
to reflect or come back either favorably or unfavorably (upon a person or thing)
14.) redundant
1.) superfluous; exceeding what is needed, or what is needed no longer
2.) verbose; needlessly repetitious
15.) inundate
1.) to submerge or overflow with water; to flood
2.) to overwhelm
5.) hydrology
the sudy of water and its effects on and in the earth and in the atmosphere
11.) pontificate
1.) to speak with pompous authority
2.) the office of a pontiff; papacy
4.) dehydrate
1.) to remove water or moisture
2.) to lose water or moisture
3.) flux
1.) a flow
2.) a continuous succession of changes
8.) nauseate
1.) to cause queasiness; to cause to feel sick
2.) to the cause the feeling of repulsion or disgust
mar, maris
10.) pontiff
a pope or bishop
6.) cormorant
1.) a dark, hook-billed sea bird
2.) a greedy person
naus, navis
7.) marinade
a liquid often seasoned with spices or herbs to flavor meat or fish for a period of time before cooking
9.) nave
the long central part of a church, extending from the entrance to the altar, with aisles along the sides
pons, pontis
1.) Confluence
1.) the flowing together of two or more elements
2.) an assembling or flocking together in a crowd
Fluo, Fluere, Fluxi, Fluctum
"to flow"