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To get up; to stand up
sentarse [ie]
to sit down
to stay
to go away; to leave
to go away
darse prisa
to hurry
to come near, to approach
to move away
moverse [ue]
to move; to budge
to stop (at a place)
Excuse me
Excuse me
Disculpe la molestia
Please excuse the interruption
Con permiso
Excuse me
Lo siento much
I apologize
cerrar [ie]
to close, shut
comenzar [ie]
to begin, start
despertar [ie]
to wake {someone) up
empezar [ie]
to begin, start
pensar [ie]
to think
quebrar [ie]
to break
defender [ie]
to defend
descender [ie]
to descend, to go down
encender [ie]
to light; to turn on
entender [ie]
to understand
perder [ie]
to lose; to miss
querer [ie]
to want; to like, love
almorzar [ue]
to have lunch
contar [ue]
to tell, relate
costar [ue]
to cost
Encontrar [ue]
to find; to meet
Mostrar [ue]
to show
Probar [ue]
to try; to taste
Recordar [ue]
To remember
Sonar [ue]
To ring, sound
Soñar [ue]
To dream
Devolver [ue]
To return, give back
Mover [ue]
To move
Oler [ue]
To smell
Poder [ue]
To be able to; can
Resolver [ue]
To solve
Soler [ue]
To be used to, accustomed to
Volver [ue]
To come back, return
Jugar [ue]
To play
Advertir [ie]
To warn, advise
Mentir [ie]
To lie
Sentir [ie]
To feel; to be sorry
Dormir [ue]
To sleep
Morir [ue]
To die
Pedir [i]
To ask for
Reir [i]
To laugh
Repetir [i]
To repeat
Seguir [i]
To follow
Servir [i]
To serve
Sonreir [i]
To smile