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towards or onto land from an area of water>A few pieces of wood had washed ------.
Strong winds blew the ship ------.
to cut or tear something, especially flesh>The man's face was severely ------ed in the accident.
of the chest>He flexed his ------ muscles.
marked with areas of different colours which do not form a regular pattern>------ skin
extremely unpleasant or bad>a -------- accident/tragedy/crime
the stomach or the front part of the body between your chest and your legs>He fell asleep with a full ----- and a happy heart.
someone who has committed a crime, or a violent or harmful act>The --------s of the massacre must be brought to justice as war criminals.
a group, area or mass of something which is separate and different from what surrounds it>Among the staff there are some -----s of resistance (= some small groups of them are opposed) to the planned changes.
attracting a lot of attention and interest from the public and newpapers, television, etc>--------- politicians
He resigned from a ---------- job as economic adviser to the Prime Minister.
a game played by two teams in which the players each use a long stick with a net at the end to catch, carry and throw a small ball, and try to get the ball in the other team's goal
a person who acts in a violent way without thinking and causes damage>-------s had sprayed paint all over the car.
something that is suggested, but is not clearly stated>The concert was supposed to be a charity event but it had strong political -------s.
a member of the race of dark-skinned people who were the first people to live in Australia
pit sb/sth against sb/sth
to cause one person, group or thing to fight against or be in competition with another>It was a bitter civil war, that -----ed neighbour ------- neighbour.
a person who is blamed for something that someone else has done>The captain was made a ------- for the team's failure.
to separate or divide, or cause something to separate or divide, often violently>His liver was -----ed in two
With one blow of the knight's axe, he ----- the rock in twain (= into two pieces).
naturally existing in a place or country rather than arriving from another place>The Maori are the ------- people of New Zealand.
incubation period
The amount of time it takes for symptoms of a disease to appear after an individual is infected (see infection) with the pathogen that causes the disease.
a serious disease in which substances not usually in the blood cause your skin and the white part of your eyes to turn yellow
the place where a person or thing is>Trupin is thought to be in the Caribbean, although his exact --------- are/is a mystery.
the strong and unreasonable belief that your own country or race is the best or most important>The war stimulated an intense national ---------.
a competition for young women in which they are judged on their beauty and other qualities>a beauty ------
a hard outer covering of something>pie ----- (= the cooked pastry on top of it)
the Earth's -----
a shop which provides a stated type of personal service or sells a stated product>a beauty ------
an ice-cream/pizza ------
the good reputation a person or organization has, based on their behaviour and ability>an artist of great -------
His ------stature as an art critic was tremendous.
protection or safety, especially that given by a government to foreigners who have been forced to leave their own countries for political reasons>to seek/apply for political ------, ------ seeker
wood that consists of several thin layers of wood stuck together>a box made of ------
a cheap ------ door
the bricks and pieces of stone that are used to make a building>Several of the firefighters were injured by falling ------.
to (cause something to) break suddenly into very small pieces>His leg was -----ed in the accident.
a wooden cover on the outside of a window which prevents light or heat from going into a room or heat from leaving it>------s usually come in pairs and are hung like doors on hinges.
consisting of several thin layers of wood, plastic, glass, etc. stuck together, or (of surfaces) covered with a thin protective layer of plastic>The recipe cards are ------ed so they can be wiped clean.
an open pipe at the lower edge of a roof which collects and carries away rain
boring>The trouble is I find most forms of exercise so ------.
a division into two groups caused by a disagreement about ideas, especially in a religious organization>a ----- in/within the Church
to force an evil spirit to leave a person or place by using prayers or magic>After the priest ------ed the spirit/house/child, apparently, the strange noises stopped.
to keep or intend something for a particular purpose>Five billion dollars of this year's budget is already -----ed for hospital improvements.
siphon, syphon
a tube that is bent in the shape of an `n', with each end in a separate container at two different levels, so that liquid can be pulled up into it from the higher container and go down through it into the lower container
a very large amount of rain or water>This little stream can become a ----- when it rains heavily.
fall short
to fail to reach a desired or expected amount or standard, causing disappointment>August car sales ---- ----- of the industry's expectations.
to hit with a lot of force>The prisoners were regularly ----ed with electric cable.
to experience great difficulties or be completely unable to decide what to do or say next>Although his business was a success, his marriage was -------ing.
to take or try to take hold of something tightly, usually in fear, anxiety or pain>------ing the money to his chest, he hurried to the bank.
to prevent someone doing something easily>Fierce storms have been ------ing rescue efforts and there is now little chance of finding more survivors.
to stop or interrupt the development of something>The treatment has so far done little to ------ the spread of the cancer.
Sudden cardiac -----
a machine used especially in hospitals, which uses an electric current to stop any irregular and dangerous activity of the heart's muscles>---------s are used to restore normal rhythm to the heart.
a ring of wood, metal or plastic, or sometimes a half ring>The dogs had been trained to jump through ----s.
a student, usually one who has been the most successful in a particular class, who makes a speech at a special ceremony at the end of a school year
to have a strong desire or hope to do or have something>As a child, he -----ed to be a great writer.
strip sb of sth
to take something important, such as a title, away from someone as a punishment>He was ------ed of his knighthood after he was convicted of stealing from the company.
summa cum laude
With the greatest honor. Used to express the highest academic distinction
to make feelings, especially of excitement or enjoyment, less strong>Nothing you can say will ----- her enthusiasm.
I didn't want to ----- his spirits.
to gradually cover more and more of an area of land>They have promised that the development will not ------ on public land.
--------ing deserts
to produce a lot of small bright flashes of reflected light>Her diamond necklace ------ed brilliantly under the spotlights.
carelessly fast and dangerous>They were cycling along at ------- speed/at a ------- pace.
a cheap copy of a popular product>Is that the real thing or a -------?
to force a lot of things into a small space, or to do many things in a short period of time>Migrant workers are often -----ed into rented housing
DISAPPROVING badly or untidily made and likely to break or fall down easily>There's a ------- old shed at the bottom of the garden
a very poor and crowded area, especially of a city>an inner-city ----
She was brought up in the ----s of Lima.
If something is -------, it is real, true, or what people say it is>an ------- 1920s dress
-------- Italian food
nosy, nosey
too interested in what other people are doing and wanting to discover too much about them>She was complaining about her ---- parents.
funny ha-ha or funny peculiar?
UK used when someone has described a person as 'funny' and you want to know whether they mean 'amusing', ('-- --'), or 'strange' ('------')
UK an expression of surprise or worry
behaving strangely, or very silly>Not another one of her ----- ideas!
to hate someone or something>From an early age the brothers have ----ed each other.
"Do you like fish?" "No, I ----- it."
to act dishonestly in order to get something for yourself, or to change something dishonestly, especially to your advantage>He had been -----ing the accounts/books/finances for years.
having the qualities of hell>He described a journey through the ------ world.
a frame of metal bars used to cover something such as a window or a machine>a security -----
a special public occasion at which there is a lot of entertainment, usually in the form of a variety of performances>There will be many stars performing in the Royal Ballet's ---- Night, held in aid of children's charities.
to watch or organize a job or an activity to make certain that it is being done correctly>As marketing manager, her job is to ------- all the company's advertising.
a person who believes that people are only interested in themselves and are not sincere>I'm too much of a ---- to believe that he'll keep his promise.
to compete with other people for something there is very little of>People are -----ing to buy property before prices rise even further.
to earn or obtain a large amount of money>He ----s in over £100 000 a year.
She's really ----ing it in (= making a lot of money).
---- a/your vote to vote>All the votes in the election have now been ---- and the counting has begun.
very surprising or shocking>an ---------- fact/decision/revelation
an ---------- (= very great) victory/achievement/success
to get a large amount of something, especially money or information, by collecting it over a long period>She has -----ed a huge fortune from her novels.
a fight or argument between people>Rioters hurled rocks and petrol bombs in ------s with police at the weekend.
to flow slowly out of something through a small opening, or to slowly produce a thick sticky liquid>Blood was still ---ing out of the wound.
She removed the bandage to reveal a red swollen wound ---ing pus.
thick yellowish liquid that forms in and comes from an infected cut or injury in the body>a --- -filled wound
a fat round drop, usually of something sticky or thick>a ---- of glue/paint
the curved path that an object follows after it has been thrown or fired into the air>the -------- of a bullet/missile
very bad>----- food/service
a ----- film
I had a ----- weekend.
not showing careful thought or planning, especially so that harm result>China has lodged a protest with the United States over its "------------" ban on Chinese seafood
INFORMAL a disappointment>After all I'd heard about the film, it turned out to be a bit of a ------.
yank, yankee
a person from the United States of America>DISAPPROVING The place was full of ----s.
a type of large oven used for making bricks and clay objects hard after they have been shaped
appal, appall
shocking and very bad>-----ing injuries
Prisoners were kept in the most ------ing conditions.
hold/keep sth/sb at bay
to prevent someone or something unpleasant from harming you>Exercise can help ---- fat -- ----.
a vegetable with long thin whitish or pale green stems which can be eaten raw or cooked>a stick of -----
relating to the medical care of children>------- medicine
a ------- hospital
(of actions) having no effect or achieving nothing; unsuccessful>It's quite ------ trying to reason with him - he just won't listen.
the treatment or study of bones which have not grown correctly or which have been damaged
making you feel slightly frightened or worried about your ability to achieve something>In spite of unification, the country was still faced with the ------- prospect of overcoming four decades of division.
sink in
If an unpleasant or surprising fact or idea -----s --, you gradually start to believe it, understand it, or realize the effect it will have on you>Children may be the best sources to explain why lessons about nutrition don't ---- --.
makeing a person lose confidence, hope and energy; to discourage>---------- news
a narrow piece fixed to the end of a tube so that the liquid or air that comes out can be directed in a particular way>Attach the ----- to the garden hose before turning on the water.
If a situation or story -----s, it develops or becomes clear to other people>Like a lot of people, I've watched the events of the last few days ----- on TV.
If the cost of something is ---------, it is too expensive for most people>Hotel prices in the major cities are high but not ----------.