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a failure to develop social abilities, language and other communication skills to the usual level>------ is four times more common in boys than in girls.
making someone or something physically weak>a ---------- condition/disease
hospital for people who are dying, especially from cancer
You ------- something by acting in order to make it happen sooner>There is little doubt that poor medical treatment -------ed her death.
proudly refusing to obey authority>The protesters blocking the entrance to the offices remained ------- this morning.
to cause difficulty and problems for>The government seems to have no understanding of what ---s the country.
to produce or encourage especially an emotion or support>She managed to ------ the courage to ask him to the cinema.
pain in the lower part of the back and the back of the legs
the ability to understand an event or situation only after it has happened>In ------, it would have been better to wait.
an illness>Treat minor -------s yourself.
to give something or someone a particular name, especially describing what you think of them>She was ----ed by the newspapers 'The Angel of Death'.
to make a hole in something in a rough or violent way>He drove into some railings and ------d a hole in the back of his car.
a person whom you know but do not know well and who is therefore not exactly a friend
a piece of a broken glass, cup, container or similar object>-----s of glass have been cemented into the top of the wall to stop people climbing over.
having a lot of small parts or details that are arranged in a complicated way and are therefore sometimes difficult to understand, solve or produce>The watch mechanism is extremely ------ and very difficult to repair.
to spread or give out something, especially news, information, ideas, etc., to a lot of people>One of the organization's aims is to -------- information about the disease.
to cause repeated suffering or anxiety>Fighting in Vietnam was an experience that would ------ him for the rest of his life.
slough off
to get rid of something or someone unwanted>He seemed to want to ------- --- all his old acquaintances.
an injury to a person's body or to an organ inside their body>skin/brain ------s
a long deep cut, especially in the skin>She slipped on a rock and -----ed her knee.
extremely useful>The new job will provide you with --------- experience.
to prevent something from happening or someone from achieving a purpose>In our search for evidence, we were -----------ed by the absence of any recent documents.
saying what you think without trying to be polite or caring about other people's feelings>I'll be ------ - that last piece of work you did was terrible.
an injury or mark where the skin has not been broken but is darker in colour, often as a result of being hit by something>She had a few cuts and -------s but nothing serious.
able to bend easily without breaking>These toys are made of ------ rubber, so they won't break.
(especially of a place) attractive in appearance, especially in an old-fashioned way>the ---------- narrow streets of the old city
someone whose job is to discover information about crimes and find out who is responsible for them; a detective
expressing a strong desire to punish someone who has harmed you or your family or friends>She sprayed red paint all over his car in one last ------- act before leaving him for good.
the man to whom a woman is engaged to be married>Have you met Christina's ------?
cough up
to produce money or information unwillingly>I've just had to ----- -- £10 for a parking fine.
very interesting and needing all your attention>an -------- book/story
very bad or (of something very bad or unpleasant) very great or extreme>The team's ------ record consists of six defeats in seven matches.
great danger, or something that is very dangerous>I never felt that my life was in -----.
a loud short piece of music played, usually on a trumpet and to introduce the arrival of someone important
an organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country, usually by violence>armed -------
likely to cause violence or strong feelings of anger>------ remarks
a noisy situation or argument>There was a real ------ going on in the house next door last night.
without weakening in strength or force>The fighting continued ------ throughout the night.
to catch or get control of something or someone>They wanted to make a formal complaint about their doctor, but ended up -------ed in the complexities of the legal system.
to put something into use or action officially>The European Community -------ed the Single European Market in 1993.
a group of things or people dealt with at the same time or considered similar in type>The cook brought in a fresh ----- of homemade cakes.
producing a great number or amount of something>He was probably the most ------- songwriter of his generation.
done unintentionally>All authors need to be wary of -------- copying of other people's ideas.
something which deters people from doing something>Tougher prison sentences may act/serve as (= be) a ------- to other would-be offenders.
speaking or behaving in a way which makes intentions and beliefs clear>Apple should be more ------ about its purpose for the embedded information
the careful watching of a person or place, especially by the police or army, because of a crime that has happened or is expected>The police have kept the nightclub under ----------- because of suspected illegal drug activity.
vet (animal doctor)
(of a plan) to have the opposite result from the one you intended>Her plans to make him jealous -------ed on her when he went off with her best friend.
used instead of damn to express annoyance>---- it! There goes my bus!
to hit someone or something repeatedly, especially with your fists>The boxer had ------ed his opponent into submission by the end of the fourth round.
to die, especially in an accident or by being killed, or to be destroyed>Three hundred people ------ed in the earthquake.
road warrior
A person who travels frequently, especially on business.
a small train carriage, usually at the back of a train, in which the guard travels
a person who is not loyal or stops being loyal to their own country, social class, beliefs, etc>The leaders of the rebellion were hanged as ------s.
(an act of) treating something holy or important without respect>Muslims consider it -------- to wear shoes inside a mosque.
the degree of quality or excellence of someone or something>If teaching paid more it might attract people of (a) higher ------.
to become well again after an illness; to get back your strength, health, etc>She spent a month in the country --------ing from/after the operation.
a plant that has its seeds in a pod, such as the bean or pea
to completely satisfy yourself or a need, especially with food or pleasure, so that you could not have any more>He drank greedily until his thirst was -----ed.
a person's way of thinking and their opinions>It's extraordinary how hard it is to change the ----- of the public and the press.
describes sentences, explanations and arguments, etc. that are unreasonably long and difficult to understand>Her book is full of long ------- sentences.
to move or exist in a pattern of lines crossing something or each other>This area of the city is -------ed by railway lines.
to push a finger or other pointed object quickly into someone or something>You'll ---- someone in the eye with that umbrella if you're not careful!
DISAPPROVING lacking care or effort>Another ------ pass like that might lose them the whole match.
an unusual part of someone's personality or habit, or something that is strange and unexpected>You have to get used to other people's -----s and foibles.
a strange habit or characteristic that is seen as harmless and unimportant>We all have our little -------s.
to change one image into another, or combine them, using a computer program>The video showed a man -----ing into a tiger.
bravery over a long period>I thought she showed remarkable -------- during that period.
a very large rock
someone who often finds it difficult to sleep
phoney, phony
not sincere or not real>All salespeople seem to have the same ----- smile.
to touch or make changes to something which you should not, usually without enough knowledge of how it works or when you are trying to damage it>I could see at once that the lock had been ------ed ----.
a short cylindrical piece of cork, or sometimes plastic or rubber, which is put into the top of a bottle, especially a wine bottle, to close it>I can't get the ---- out of the bottle - can you try?
to stop something from happening or someone from doing something>My holiday plans have been -----ed by the strike.
run across
to experience a problem when you are not expecting to>We've --- ----- a slight problem with the instruction manual.
to damage or show a lack of respect towards something holy or highly respected>The mosque/shrine was ------ed by vandals.
to carry something, especially something heavy or awkward>The building was surrounded with bodyguards ----ing sub-machine guns.
If something unpleasant is ----, it is very common or frequent>Dysentery and malaria are ---- in the refugee camps.
a high-ranking priest in the Church of England or the Roman Catholic Church, who is in charge of managing a large church or cathedral
a small flat boat or a metal structure of a similar shape used especially to form or support a temporary floating bridge>Military engineers hurriedly constructed a ------- bridge across the river.
a book, film or play which continues the story of a previous book etc>I'm reading the ------ to 'Gone with the Wind'.
to take a slight and not very serious interest in a subject, or try a particular activity for a short period>He first -----ed in politics when he was at law school.
a picture or design printed on special paper, that can be put onto another surface, such as metal or glass
to make a very small hole or holes in the surface of something, sometimes in a way which causes pain>She -----ed the balloon with a pin and it burst with a loud bang.
making you feel serious or think about serious matters>a ------- thought.
Surviving a car accident is a ------- experience.
to press or crush something until it becomes powder or a soft mass>-------ed coal/bones
a process of separating dissolved substances by putting them through a thin piece of skin-like material, especially to make pure the blood of people whose kidneys are not working correctly>a ------- machine
kidney -------
She is on (= being treated by) -------.
giving or given in a generous way>He was very ------- with the wine.
DISAPPROVING If you -----, especially as a child, you complain or express dissatisfaction continually>Alice, if you carry on ----ing like that I won't take you - do you understand!
describes a sound which is unpleasant and annoying
to express in words>I found myself unable to -------- my feelings.
(especially of an animal) to make a series of small, weak sounds, expressing pain or unhappiness>I said she couldn't have an ice cream and she started to ------.
to move yourself into a warm and comfortable position, especially one in which your body is against another person or covered by something>The children -------ed up to their mother to get warm.
up the ante
If you -- --- ----, you increase your demands or the risks in a situation in order to achieve a better result>The government has ---ed --- ---- by refusing to negotiate until a ceasefire has been agreed.
to complain about someone or something in an annoyed way>She spent the evening ------ing to me about her job.
to prevent someone from having to experience something unpleasant>Luckily, I was -----d the embarrassment of having to sing in front of everyone.>-----s you from having to listen to it