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ancillary (adj)
(adj) subordinate or supplementary
{syn} auxiliary, subsidiary, accessory
[ant] central, key, primayr, principal, main
____ gym
bowlderize (v)
(v) to remove material considered offensive
[syn] censor, purge, expurgate
condescend (v)
(v) to come down or stoop voluntary to a lower level
[syn] deign
cozen (v)
(v) to trick, to cheat or swindle
[syn] dupe, decieve, beguile, inveigle
enclave (n)
(n) an enclosed district, region, or area inhabited by a particular group of ppl
[syn] island, subgroup
forte (n)
(n) a person's strong point, what a person does best
[syn] gift, aptitude, specialty
[ant] weakness, shortcoming, fobile
strong .
gratis (adj) & (adv)
(adv) without charge

[syn] adj-on the house adv-freely
[ant] adv- for a price
no $$
icon (n)
(n) a representation or image of a sacred personage, often considered sacred; an image or picture; a symbol
[syn] emblem, idol
macrocosm (n)
(n) the universe considered as a whole, the entire complex structure
[syn] cosmos, entierty
[ant] model, minerature, microcosm
interstice (n)
small, narrow space between things
[syn] gap, slot, crevice, interval, lacuna
] [
montebank (n)
(n) a trickster, swindler
[syn] imposter, quack
[ant] sucker, dupe, "mark" "piegon"
paen (n)
(n) a song of joy or praise, triumph
[syn] hymn, ode, anthem
[ant] dirge, elegy, lament, threnody
la la la
persiflage (n)
lighthearted joking, talk, writting
[syn] banter, jesting, repartee, badinage
oh hahah
plethora (n)
(n) overfullness; superabundance, superfluity
[syn] surplus, surfeit, glut, excess
[ant]shortage, paucity
too much
pragmatic (adj)
(adj) concerned with practical conderations or values; dealing with actions/results rather than abstract theory
[syn] down-to-earth, businesslike
[ant] idealistic, impractical, visionary
puzzled, mocking, odd, equivocal
[syn] peulculiar, perplexed, mystified, derisive
rapacity (n)
inordinate greed
[syn] avarice, cupidity, voraciousness
[ant] liberality, gernorsity, altruism
schism (n)
a formal split within a religous organization, any division of a group/organization into hostile fractions
[syn] rift, breach
[ant] united front, reconcilation
us /
\ them
therapeutic (adj)
having the power to heal or cure, beneficial
[syn] curative, salutary, salubrious
[ant] harmful, injurious, deleterious
virtuoso (n)/ (adj)
(n) a brillant performer, a person with masterly skill
(adj) masterly or brillant
[syn] n-expert, master, prodigy, maestro
[ant] n-amateur, beginner, novice adj-mediocre
hes a vison!