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A person who has given help, usually financial
Benefactor (N)
Intensely Devoted; Passionate
Ardent(adj) Ardently(adv)
Social and economic change brought about from the replacement of hand tools by machine and power tools and the development of large scale factories
Industrial Revolution (N)
Characteristics of the time when Queen Victoria ruled England (1837- 1901)
Victorian (ADJ)
The first in order of two or more things being reffered to
Former (adj) or (N)
The last of two or more things being reffered to
Latter (adj)or (N)
Archaic:Heavy warm coat
Greatcoat (N)
Not letting light pass through; hard to understand
Opaque (adj) opaqueness (N)
Elaborately ornamented, usually referring to metals
Wrought (adj)
A spice for seasoning meat; showing wisdom and good judgement
Sage (n)or(adj) sagcity(N) sagely(adv)
Threatening evil; ominous
Baleful(adj) Balefully(adv) Balefulness (n)
Muscular strength; british: Cooked boar's flesh
Brawn(N) Brawny(adj)
archaic: engagement
to give a boost to; A pillow or cushion
Bolster(n) bolstered(v)
A mischievous youngster; A bandit
Brigand (n)