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Full of life, lively, alive; moved to action
After the game the sportscaster found the winning team to be in an ___________ mood.
A family of young animals, especially birds; any group having the same nature and origin; to think over in a worried, unhappy way
The mother bird fed her __________

The pioneers did not __________ over the hardships they suffered ont eh long journey.
To reacha high point of development; to end, climax
The Presiden'ts military advisors hoped the overseas action would not ____________________ in disaster.
Thouroughly; absolute, complete; frank, blunt
Our neighbor who chopped down our tree and destroyed our fence, is just _____________________ mean.

the actor felt like a ______________ fool when he forgot his lines
A loafer, idler; a buzzing or humming sound; a remote- control device; a male bee; to make a buzzing sound; to speak in a dull tone of voice
The steady _________________ of the engine put us all to sleep.

The speaker _________________ on and on, ignoring the fact that much of the audience had left.
To drive or urge one; Somethign to drive or urge on
The sergeant had to ___________ the reluctant soldiers into action

The cowhand used a ___________ to prod the sluggish cattle.
To give in to a wish or desier, give oneself up to
Sometimes the members of a losing team will __________________ in slef-pity.
One of the materials in a mixture, recipe or formula
Before adding the ________________ to the mixture, I first had to put it through a food processor.
Able to read and write; showing an excellent educational background; having knowledge or training
compared with others in the colonial settlemen, she was a highly _________________ young woman.
To come into view; to appear in exaggerated form; a machine for weaving
The climbers were awestruck to see the peak ______________ up before them.

The antique _________________, once used to make cloth, was on display in the crafts museum.
The quality of giving off light, brightness, glitter, brillinace
The polished gold dome atop the state capitol shone witha starry ________________.
Mixed, of different kinds
A collection of ______________________ items was gathering dust in the attic.
A public speech for a formal occasion
Cicero's ____________________- in the Roman Senate are still studied by speakers today.
Cross, complaining, irritalbe; contrary
Although the members of the tour group were usually in good humor, hunger made them
To boil or foam; to be excited or disturbed
Mother would ________________ with rage each time she learned that a dog had been mistreated.
To burn slightly; a burn at the neds or edges
Getting too close to the flame of the campgire caused the camper to _____________________ his eyelashes.

A _________________ from a cigar ash had destroyed the last word in the document.
One of a kind, unequaled; unusual; found only in a given class, place, or situation
Most people would agree that findng an elephant in oune's bathtub would consitute a ________________ situation.
Vertical, straingt; good, honest; in a vertical position
The senator showed her ________________________ character by voting for bills she believfed to be morally right.

The patient was finally standing _____________.
To establish the truth or accuracy of, confirm
The reporter hurried to ______________________ the source of the controversial statement.
To have a strong and earnest desire
Who wouildn't _____________ so see old friends again?