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to walk or step heavily on, to crush.
square knot
A knot firmly joining two loose ends of rope or cord. Each end is formed into a loop which both encloses and passes through the other
an unpleasant, difficult, or bad situation
A person who buys and sells goods for a living; a storekeeper trading, having something to do with trade.
boll weevil
A small beetle with a long snout whose larvae is hatched in young cotton bolls and does great damage to them.
To rob, plunder,; things taken by force;booty, spoils
a person who explores or examaines a region searching for gold, siler,oil,uranium ,
or other valuable resources
things for use or sale, supply used as it is needed; cattle or other farm animals, livestock,; to lay in a supply of,; to get or keep or get regularly for use or for sale,; kept on hand regularly for use or sale,; a part used as a support or handle