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process by which citizens vote on a law passed by their legaslature
3. Subsidy:

Payment made by the government to encourage the development of key industries
16. Graft:

Use of ones job to gain profit
1. Gilded age
The years of 1877 to 1900
1. relating to a city
2. :
4. Spoils system:

System or practice of giving appointed offices as rewards from the successful party in an election; name for the patronage system under president Jackson.
12. Suburbs:

Residential community surrounding a city
5. Blue laws:

A law that prohibits private activities such as drinking on Saturday.
22. Progressive era 1890-1920:

a period of time in the U.S. history that we became more progressive on local, state and federal levels
2. Laissez Faire:

A government policy of not interfering in private business
1. Process by which citizens propose new laws by gathering signatures in a petition.
6. Pendleton civil service act of 1883:

1883 law that created a civil service commission and stated that federal employees could not be required to contribute to campaign funds and could only be fired for political reasons.
17. Prohibition:

A legal ban on manufacture or sale of alcoholic beverages
7. Munn vs Illinois:

1877 supreme court decision that allowed states to regulate certain businesses within their borders.
relating to a city as in municipal government
9. Steerage:

large open area beneath a ships deck in which many poor immigrants traveled in
20. Settlement House:
community center organized to provide various services to the urban poor.
8. Civil Service:

System of non-elected government workers
13. Tenements:
Crowded apartment building with poor standards of sanitation safety and comfort

10. Quarantine:

A time of isolation to prevent the spread of disease
21. Muckrakers:

journalist who uncovers the wrongdoing on the part of politicians or corporations
18. Vice:
Immoral or corrupt behavior
11. Segregation:

Forced sepertaion
15. Political machiene:

An unofficial organization to keep a particular group or party in power and usually headed by a single and powerful boss
19. Temperance

movement: an organized campaign to eliminate the consumption of alcohol
14. Ghettos:
an area where one ethnical or racial group dominates