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Recall Election
Attempt to remove an official from office before completion of the term
Primary Election
Preliminary election that narrows the number of candidates by determining who will be the nominees in the general election
General Election
Final election that selects the office holder
Proposed laws or state constitutional amendments placed on the ballot via citizeen petition
law or state constitutional amendment that is proposed by a legislature or city council but does not go into effect unless the required majority of voters approve it
a shorthand reference to an initiative or a referendum
The institution in society that has a "monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force"
Government by a few leaders made eligible by birthright
Government by a few who gain office by means of wealth, military power, or membership in a single political party
System in which governmental power is widely shared among the citizens, usually through free and open elections.
Direct Democracy
Type of democracy in which ordinary people are the governmane, making all the laws themselves
Prospective Voting
voting on the basis of a candidate's policy promises for the future
Retrospective voting
voting on the basis of the past performance of the incumbent politician
Those legally entitled to vote for a public official
Permanent Campaign
Condition that prefails when the next election campaign begins as soon as the last has ended and the line between electioneering and governing has disappeared
Permanent Campaign

Seperate election days for federal, state, and local
Increased number of elections, shortened time between elections
Permanent Campaign

Spread of primary elections
Primaries shorten the time between one election and the next. Cna be voteed out 6 months before ene of term
Permanent Campaign

Decay of traditional party organization
Canadidates must build individualized, personal campaign organizations almost from scratch. parties can lean
Permanent Campaign

Rise of mass communication
Canadiates may communicate directly with voters, but their mistakes are easily publicized
Permanent Campaign

Profusion of intrest groups
Elected officials constantly being watched and mistakes quicly publicozed
Permanent Campaign

Proliferation of polls
Provide constant feedback about potential election outcomes
Permanent Campaign

Role of campaign money
elected officials must spend more time fundraising