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adj. so intense as to be almost able to be felt physically
The palpable feeling filled the room as the lawyer cross-examined the witness
adj. Lethargic and not showing any interest or making any effort
The lethargic substitute teacher did not bother to read the lesson plan and instead told the class to read the textbook.
adj. Extremely simple and trusting
The naïve girl did not realize the man was kidnapping her.
adj. distorted, especially in a strange or disturbing way
The grotesque dead body lay in the trunk of the man’s car.
adj. having no practical effect or useful result
The futile invention never sold because no one needed it.
adv. determined to continue without giving up in spite of difficulties
The girl, even with her severe asthma, doggedly ran the four miles in the class.
n. great physical or mental strength and energy
The amount of vigor needed was given to the men in boot camp.
n. impervious to light, so that images cannot be seen through it
The water had opaqueness because it was so filthy with muck.
adj. providing little comfort or shelter
The bleak hut struggled to hold the ten members of the family
v. to look or smile in a way that suggests malicious intent
The leer on the man’s face scared many people.
adj. good-natured, friendly, and easy to talk to
The affable therapist fixed many of the child’s problems.
adj. showing no care, forethought, or judgment
The imprudent child had no nervousness about stealing from her mom.
v. to observe something that is considered immoral without criticizing
She condoned the fact that her child was stealing straight out of her purse.
n. weariness and dissatisfaction with life that results from a loss of interest
He felt like a failure all the time and soon formed a ennui.
adj. absolutely necessary or unavoidable
The imperative thing needed to survive is food.
adj. actively and unreservedly enthusiastic
The zealous man was an active member in many of the school clubs.
n. a feeling of fear that something bad will happen
Apprehension was felt after her daughter did not show up from school after waiting a long time.
adv. dangerously unstable, unsteady, uncertain, or insecure
The precariously looking stairway was not a good choice because people could get badly hurt.
n. an idea, offer, or plan put forward for consideration or discussion
There were many propositions for ways to improve the environment.
adj. feeling great passion, or felt very passionately
She had ardent eyes when she looked at her new art project.