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Abscond (v)
To depart in a secretive manner, esp. to avoid legal prosecution
Accede (v)
To give Consent or to assume an office position
Appellation (n)
A name or title, the act of naming
Bulwark (n)
A wall built for defense, to provide protection
Cajole (v)
Influence or urge by gentle caressing or flattering
Compunction (n)
Uneasiness caused by guilt or wrong doing
Conjecture (n)
Judgment or opinion without sufficient information
Dynamic (adj)
of or relating to, pertaining to, forceful
Effete (adj)
depleted of vitality or force or effectiveness. No longer productive
Invidious (adj)
Create ill will or resentment
Irony (n)
the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning
Obviate (verb)
do away with, prevent from happening
Paucity (n)
smallness of quantity, smallness or insufficiency of number
Platitude (noun)
dull or trite remark
Propitious (adj)
Presenting favorable circumstances. Kindly
Remission (n)
Lessening of intensity.
Remuneration (n)
Act of repaying someone the equivalent for something they gave you (insurance company)
Saturnine (adj)
sluggish in temperament; gloomy; taciturn.

Absorption of lead
a periodic payment for some extra thing done. Such as a football coach.