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allot (verb)
to assign or distribute into shares or portions
amass (verb)
to bring together, collect,gather,especiallyfor oneself,to come together, assemble
audacious (adj.)
comply (verb)
to yield to a request or a command
devoid (adj.)
not having or using, lacking
elite Noun) (adj)
the choice part of a groupof people or things,-superior
grapple (noun) (verb)
an iron hook used to grab and hold,-to come ,grips with, wrestle with, fight with
incapacitate (verb)
to deprive of strength or ability;to make legally inelidgable
instigate (verb)
to urge on, stir up
longevity (noun)
long life,long duration
myraid (adj) (noun)
in very great numbers,-a very great number
perspective (noun)
a point of view or general standpoint from which different things are viewed, physically or mentally;the appearanceto the eye of various objects at a given time,place, or distance
perturb (verb)
to trouble,make uneasy, to disturb greatly, to throw into confusion
prodigious (adj)
immense,extraordinary in bulk,size, or degree
relevant (adj)
connected or related to the matter at hand
skittish (adj)
extremely nervous and easily frightened;shy or timid;extremely cautious;unstable,undependable
tether (noun) (verb)
a rope or chain used to fasten something to a fixed object;the outer limit of strength or resources,-to fasten with a rope or chain
unison (noun)
a sounding together;agreement or accord
vie (verb)
to compete;strive for victory or superiority
willful (adj)
stubornly self-willed; done on purpose, dileberate