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Verb - to make abnormally lean or thin by a gradual wasting away of flesh.
The girl was emaciated and became to thin to play sports
Adjective - having a rugged, weather-beaten appearance
The old gnarled sea captain makes his crew grumpy and frustrated when he told them to work.
Noun - protection or security against damage or loss.
The loss of the children’s mother made the father watch his children with more indemnity after she passed away.
Noun - a slight suggestion or indication; hint; intimation
They hadn't given us an inkling of what was going to happen.
Adjective - clear, transparent, or pellucid, as water, crystal, or air
On there father – son fishing trip, they could see to the very bottom of the limpid pond.
Adjective - almighty or infinite in power, as God.
At work, the omnipotent boss makes sure you do nothing wrong and your doing all of the things he or she tells you to do.
Adjective - keenly distressing to the feelings
The girl with poignant regret was upset at her friend for taking advantage over her.
Noun - bitter, rankling resentment or ill will; hatred; malice.
Many people in the world are rancor and can’t help but be rude to other people.
Adjective - suggestive of or resembling the traditional sophomore; intellectually pretentious, overconfident, conceited *immature
Some students ask sophomoric questions to make sure they are correct
Verb - to assent tacitly; submit or comply silently or without protest; agree; consent
The new employee was to acquiesce halfheartedly in a business plan.