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What is a radicle?
The root inside a seed
What is a plumule?
Tiny leaves inside a seed
What is a cotyledon?
The food that the seed stores inside.It uses this food to grow until the new plant can make its own food.
What is a monocot seed?
A seed with one cotyledon.
What is a dicot seed?
A seed with two cotyledons.
What do all food chains begin with?
All food chains begin with green plants.
Hawks do not eat plants. Why do they need plants to survive?
Hawks need plants to feed their prey. Without plants the mice Hawks eat would die, causing the hawk to starve.
How do animals help plants?
1. Animals help disperse(spread) seeds from a plant.
2. Animals pollinate flowers.
A.How do plants help mammals and animals?
1. Food
2. Oxygen
What is one way plants make a new plant without creating a seed?
Plants send out a long vine called a RUNNER. When the vine touches the ground it begins to grow roots.