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the arrangement of events in a narrative or dramatic work. When two story lines are deveiloped in equal length, the work is said to have a double plot. When one story line dominates the other, the latter is said to be the subplot
What is going on??
intended primarily to inform, this rhetorical mode can take a variety of forms, such as classification, definition, process analysis, comparison/contrast, and cause and effect
what happened here?!
inciting event
inciting- to cause or to stir up
inciting events- events that occur to form the problem or conflict in the story
You wanna start something? Huh? Do ya punk?
an aspect of plot that concerns the tensions between opposing forces. Conflicts esist within characters, between or among characters, and between characters and such forces as nature, society, and the cosmos.
Lets go!
internal conflict
a conflict within the character, this can be mental or emotional
I'm not okay, I promise
external conflict
a conflict with another character or element. this conflict can be seen by others
rising actions
events that occur as the story progresses that become more important; events leading up to the climax
Wanna get crunk before the fight?
the point in a narrative or play at which a crisis is reached and a resolution is achieved; climatic events must happen between the protagonist and antagonist
.... I really wanna put something perverted here... I hope you can guess what it is. Cause I'm not putting it
falling actions
the events that follow the climax and lead to the denouement in a work of fiction or drama
I hope you can guess what I wanna put for this one too
resolution or denouement
a final part in which everything is made clear and no questions or surprises remain
No, thats it, period, end of conversation
the most important character in a novel, play, story, or other literary work
Center stage baby!
a major character in a book, play, or movie whose values or behavior are in conflict with those of the protagonist or hero; can be more than one character or event in nature
Dun dun dun, da- villian
a work in which the characters and events are to be understood as representing other things and symbolically expressing a deeper, often spiritual, moral, or political meaning
That's what you got out of "I love you"?
something that stands for or represents something else, especially an object representing an abstraction; a written or printed sign or character that represents something in a particular context
SYMBOLISM! Sex is spelled in the stars in the Lion King!
First person narration
a character in the story; he or she narrates the story from "inside" the world of the story.
"I saw you two together!" I cried!
third person narrator
tells us about events which happen to someone else, someone who is a character in the story.
And Whatshisface hits a double to the left field but it is caught by So-and-so
third person limited narration
can only tell the thoughts of one character; not a character in the story
And Geroge thinks he will make this shot
third person Omniscient
knowing or seeming to know everything
Jesus knows all... everything, ever invented
thrid person limited Omniscient narration
narrator also sees the action of the story from an "external" perspective--he or she is not a character in the story but simply a voice which tells us about the characters
Yaaaay! I couldn't think of an example for this one
exactly following the order or meaning of an original word or text
And then he literally picked me up!
using or containing a nonliteral sense of a word or words
He swept me off my feet
the implying or suggesting of an additional meaning for a word or phrase apart from the explicit meaning
And then we... well, you know.
Specific or direct
They kissed! Okay! Gosh dang it!
internal monologue
an extended passage in a story or novel that expresses what a character is thinking and feeling.
'I hope no one can hear what I'm thinking'
the use of wit, especially irony, sarcasm, and ridicule, to attack the vices and follies of humankind
Not the brightest crayon in the box, now are we?
an important and sometimes recurring theme or idea in a work of literature.
Phone, phone, phone, shoes, phone, phone, phone, bofriend, shoes, phone, phone
a subject of a discourse, discussion, piece of writing, or artistic composition
"Is it going to be Nick at Night themed again this year?"-Whatsherface or's teen girl squad
a bitter prolonged violent quarrel or state of hostility between families, clans, or other groups
Who wants to play family feud with me?
somebody who enters a place or joins a group or gathering without any right to do so
"So hey, you should probably turn here..."
"I know, I know"
"Oh by the way, you missed the exit back there"

Back seat drivers are not loved
implied resolution
involved, understood, or suggested without expressly being stated
"It was...*long pause* okay?"
interprestive essay
an essay relating to, involving, or providing an analysis or explanation of something
I think this means this because of this
an unproved statement, especially one serving as a premise in an argument; all thesises must be clear, arugable, and appropriately qualified
if this then this
relating to a type of humor based on using words to suggest the opposite of their literal meaning
vocab word, you should know this one!
rite of passage
n event or act that marks a significant transition in a human life
You are no longer innocent to the ways of the Jedi
to indicate or suggest something, usually something unpleasant, that is going to happen
well there was a big black clock that stopped... and then she died
a belief that all religious truth is derived from nature and natural causes, and not from revelation
The sea is not out to get you!!