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Great Plains
the grasslands extending through the west central portion of the U.S.
Sitting Bull
leader of the hunkapapa Sioux never signed treatyof Fort Laramie and led Sioux to defeat Custer at Battle of Little Bighorn
George A. Custer
reported the there was gold in the Black hills and was defeated at Battle of Little Bighorn
a plan under which Native Americans woud give up thier beliefs and ways of life and become part of the white American culture
dawes Act
aiming to "Americanize" the Native Americans
sturdy, short-tmepered breeds accoustomed to the dry grasslands of Southern Spain
Chisholm Trail
the major cattle route from San Antonio through OK and KN
long drive
overland transport of animals, oftenlast about 3 months. 1 cowboy to 250-300 cattle. cook drve the chuck wagon and set up camp. wrangler cared for extra horses
Homestead act
offered 160 acres of land to any citizen or intended citizen who was lead of the household
african Americans who moved from the Post reconstruction south to Kansas
freestanding house made be stacking blocks of prarie turf
Morill act
gave federal land to states to help finance agricultural colleges
Bananza farm
enormous single crop spreads of 15,000 to 50,000 acres