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draconian (adj)
1. of or relating to a specific set of strict laws framed by _____
2. Cruel: strict :severe
abject (adj)
1. sunk to or existing in a low state or condition
2. cast down in spirit: servile, spiritless, showing hopelessness or resignation
3. expressing or offered in a humble and often ingratiated spirit
progeny (noun)
1. descendants, children, offspring of plants or animals
2. a body of followers, disciples, or sucessors,
3. outcome or product
brutish (adj)
1. resembling, befitting, or typical of a brute or beast
2. strongly and grossly sensual, showing little intelligence or sensibility
impudent (adj)
1. lacking modesty
2. marked by contemptuous or cokcy boldness or disreguard of others: insolent
bauble (noun)
1. something of trifling appeal
2. a fool's scepter
3. trinket, minor art object
platitude (noun)
1. the quality or state of being insipid
2. a banal, trite, or stale remark
3. a saying worn to ineffectivness by overfamiliarity
spurious (adj)
1. of illegitimate birth
2. outwardly similar or correspong to something without faving its genuine qualites
3. of a falsified or erroniously attributed origin: forged, of a deceitful nature or quality
serving as cheap or inauthentic
retinue (noun)
group of retainers or attendants,
those who accompany an important person
matriculate (v)
matriculant (n)
matriculation (n)
to enroll as a memver of a body and esp. of a college or university
axiom (n)
axiomatic (adj)
axiomatically (adv)
1. a maxim widely accepted on its intrinsic merit
2. a statement accepted as true as the basis for an argument or inference: postulate
3. established rule or principle or a self-evident truth, perhaps taken for granted
aberrant (adj)
abberrance (n)
abberancy (n)
1. straying from the right or normal way
2. deviating from the usual or natural type: atypical
aphorism (n)
aphorist (n)
aphoristic (n)
aphoristically (n)
1. a concise statement of a principle
2. a terse formulation of a truth or sentiment : adage
3. a pithy standard observation
inveterate (adj)
inverterately (adv)
1. firmly established by long persistence
2. confirmed in a habit: habitual, practially eradicalbe or unaterable in habit
3. not yeilding to ones efforts at betterment
placate (v)
placater (n)
placation (n)
placative (adj)
placatory (adj)
to soothe or mollify, esp by concessions: appease, pacify