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assiduous(adj), assiduously(adv) assiduousness(noun)
marked by careful unremitting attention or persistent application
intransigent, intransigently (adv)
characterized by refusal to compromise or to abandon an extreme position: uncompromising
cogent, congently (adv)
having power to compel or constrain, 2. appealing forcibly to the mind or reason: convincing
specious(adj) speciously(adv), speciousness(noun)
having deceptive attraction or allure, having a false look of truth: sophistic
1. the quality or state of being happy: great happiness 2. something that causes happiness, 3. pleasing manner or quality
epistemology(n) epistemological (adj)
the study or a theory of the nature and grounds of knowledge, esp. with reference to its limits and validity
mitigation (n)
mitigative (adj)
mitigator (n)
to cause to become less harsh or hostile: mollify
2. to make less severe or painful:alleviate
etymology (n) -ies
the history of a linguistic form (as a word) tracing its transmission, cognates, different forms and integral parts ect
finagle (v)
to obtain by indirect or involved means, 2. to obtain by trickery, to use devious or dishonest methods to achieve ones ends.
parochial (adj)
parochially (adv)
of or ralting to a church parish
2. confined or restricted as if within the boundaries or a parish: limited in range or scope (as to a narrow area or region) : provincial, narrow
the quality or state of being fed or gratifies or beyond capacity :surfiet, fullness
2. the revulsin or disgust caused by overindulgence or excess
sedulous (adj) sedulously (adv)
sedulousness (n)
involving or accomplished with careful perseverance
2. diligent in application or pursuit
satiate (v) satiation (n)
to satisfy (as a need or desire) fully or to excess
perspectival (adj)
the capacity to view things in their true relations and relative importance
mordant (adj)
biting or caustic in thought, manner or style, :burning, pungent