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premonish (v)
to give warning in advance, to forwarn
insipid (adj)
insipidity (n)
lacking taste or savor to please
2. lacking in qualites that stimulate, interest, or challenge
bellicose (adj) belicosity (n)
favoring or inclined to start quarrels or wars
precarious(adj) precariously(adv) precariousness(n)
1. depending on the will or pleasure of another. 2. dependent on uncertain premises.
3. dependent on chance circumstances, unknown conditions, or uncertain developments, characterized by lack of security or stability
promulgate (v)
promulgation (n)
to declare (as a doctrine) known by open declaration: proclaim
2. to make known or public as a law,
3. to put into action or force
effulgence(noun), effulgent(adj)
radiant, splendor: brilliance, to shine forth
eros (n)
fundamental creative impulse or love havine a sensual element, erotic love or desire, instincts that are manifested to gratify basic needs as sublimated impulses, ex. sexual desire
annex (v)
at attatch as a quality, consequence, or condition.2
to join together materially: unite 3. to add to comething earlier, larger, or more importance, to incorporate a country within the domain of a state
evince (v) evincible(adj)
to constitute outward evidence of 2. to display clearly: reveal
an apparent contradiction caused by words that in fact is no contradiction at all, a statement that appears contradictory or opposed to common sense by in fact could be true
bitter deep-seated ill will
confluence (n)
1. a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point 2. the place of meeting or two streams formed by junction
malignant (adj)
evil in nature, disaffected
2. injurious, passionately and relentlessly malicious
3. tending to produce death or deterioration
repine (v) repiner(n)
to feel or express dejection or discontent. 2. to long for something
antinomy(noun), antinomic(adj)
a contradiction between two apparently equally valid principles or between inferences correctly drawn from such principles. 2. a fundamental and apparently unresolvable conflict or contradiction