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v. to speak aloud in order that one's words may be heard, copied, or recorded; to give an order; to make necessary

When I ask my mom to help me with an essay, she first makes an outline, and then she dictates what I should write on each of the paragraphs so I can write it down.
a recital of words intended to harm; a curse

"the jews suffered terribly under the malediction of Hitler - under his curse"
a blessing

My mom always makes a benediction before Thanksgiving dinner"
n. style of words

"Some kids in my class use fancy locution to impress our English teacher"
powerful and expressive - beautiful way of expressing oneself

Barrack Obama is very eloquent - he speaks beautifully and very elegantly.
of or related to informal speech

"In Saint Martin, sometimes I can't understand the natives with their coloquial speech - their local informal language (like slang)
calling forth a vivid image or impression

"DO's graduation speech was very evocative and moving. It touched everyone who heard it."
to use misleading or confusing language
to use ambiguous or unclear expressions, usually to avoid commitment or in order to mislead;

"when I asked Jorge if he liker the girl, he equivocated and became very ambigous b/c he didn't want me to know the truth.He spoke very vague and was misleading.
to argue in favor of; someone who argues for

"Ms Vanegas was one of Danny's greatest advocates. She alwasy speak up for Danny and defends him in front of other teachers"
having a forceful, excited, or emotional tone

Dany's speech was so animated and exclamatory that nobody could take their attention off him. He always seems to excited and exclamatory.
to speak loudly and with feeling

"Everyone has the right to declaim in public open places as long as they are not bothering or insulting anyone"
characterized by a loud noise or outcry

"The Seniors became very clamorous when Mr Chapman told them they could no longer play the kill game. They were all shanting and making a big uproar showing their disatisfaction"