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Abdicate Def
Synonyms, Antonyms, POS, Use Notes
To give up formally as an office. (Resign, renounce, relinquish) (retain) verb
Used for a Crowned head
Abet Def
Synonyms, Antonyms, POS,
To encourage or assist especially in wrong doing.
(egg on. promote) (discourage)
Abhor Def
Synonyms, Antonyms, POS, Use Notes
To regard with horror and loathng. To hate intencly
(loathe detest) (like cherish)
verb, moral codemtion
Abject Defintions
1.wrethed miderable degrading
2. mean spirited base despicable contempable
3. complete and unrelieved
Abject Synonyms, Antonyms, POS, Use Notes
(dishearting hopeless helpless)
absolve Def
Synonyms, Antonyms, POS, Use Notes
To clear of guilt or blame
(acquit vindicate) Verb(incriminate indict convict)
In a religious sence means grant pardon
abstain def
Synonyms, Antonyms,
to refrain completley and voluntarily (forgo avoid restraint)(indulge partake)
abstain POS, Use Notes
abstain and abstinence used with drinking. Common sym temperance
academic def
partaining to a college or instutute of learning scholary
theortical ratherthen pratical
academic Synonyms,
accede def pos
to yeild to to agree to
to enter upon an office or dignity
accede synonyms antonyms
(agree concur comply)
(dissent demur balk at)
acclimate def
Synonyms, pos
to get used to
adjust adapt orient familarize
addiction Defintion
a habit forming practice or pursuit usuallyone thatis badfor ones health or morally objectable habitualuseof
addiction Synonyms, Antonyms, POS, Use Notes
noun addiction and addicted used with drugs but shouldnt belimited to thatarea alone
other adictions (list)