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(adj) (omnipotence, the omnipotent)

Some dictators could be considered OMNIPOTENT rulers

- all-powerful, having unlimited power or infuluence

ex: dictators, leader of a country, Zeus, supterintandent,
(adj) (arbitrarily)

The omnipotent ruler passes ARBITRARY laws based on whim alone.

- dictatorial or characterized by absolute power or authority; random or based on whim rather than rule or law

ex: like chewing gums to class (it doesn't affect ur way of learning)

He may VANQUISH his fear of flying by finally getting on an airplane.

- conquer, overpower, defaet completely; gain mastery or control over (physically or emotionally)(you don't have the power; you gain the power) (has the fear and get rid of it)

ex: fear of height, anxiety
(v) (overriding)

the omnipotent ruler used arbitrary laws to OVERRIDE the legal system.

- to dominate, suppress, or prevail over; to disregard or annul (you already have the power)

ex: the congress overrides presidential election
(v) (constraining, constraint)

The omnipotent ruler has the power to CONTSTRAIN people arbitrarily.

- to force or compel; to restrain, confine or stifle (fighting the force)

ex: rebellion, war
(noun) (provocation, provoke, provoking)

Shouting imprecations at someone might be considered PROVOCATION.

-something that irritates, incites, angers or excites

Ex. madonna and her videos want men to attract

The imprecations of the Cyclops MILITATED against Odysseus's homecoming.

-to have weight or effect or to operated against or in favor of (usually against)

Ex. adultry, drugs
(verb) (embroilment)

After the accident, the two drivers became EMBROILED in a heated discussion.

-to involve in a quarrel, conflict, problem; thrown into confusion

Ex. parents in a fight, divorse is a result
(verb) (contrived, contrivance)

Odysseus CONTRIVED to defeat the Trojans through the use of the wooden horse.

-to scheme or plan, invent or design; to manage to do (must often ideas- nonmaterial)

Ex. jim carey over acts in his movies, or overplan
(verb) (conducive)

Studying is certainly CONDUCIVE to good grades.

-to contribute toward, further, promote; lead toward a desirable result

Ex. eating healthy, the classroom is good for studying
(verb) (ingratiating, ingratiation, ingrate)

The employee tried to INGRATIATE himself with his boss through comliments.

-to bring oneself into another's favor or good grace- to attempt to get on the "good side"

Ex. giving a teacher an apple

Abracadabra is perhaps the most famous INCANTATION.

-the use of magical words to cast a spell; magic

Ex. harry potter, "open sesame"
(verb)(conciliation, concliliator, conciliatory)

The owners attempted to CONCILIATE the players by offering higher salaries.

-to pacify or soothe the anger of; to win goodwill by friendly acts

Ex. osoma trying to do a favor to win bush
(verb) (mollification, mollifier, mollifying)

My anger was MOLLIFIED when he agreed to pay for the damages.

-to pacify, soothe or soften; to reduce in intensity

Ex.pacifier to a baby or a bottle of milk to a baby

In the Land of the Dead, Odysseus ASSUAGED the dead by offering a sacrifice.

-to pacify, calm, or satisfy; to make less severe

Ex. time heals all wounds

Turning the other cheek is an example of SUFFERANCE.

-toleration or permission implied by failure to interfere;
patient endurance, the ability to bear or endure pain, distress

Ex. Muhammad Ali, lance Armstrong

Despite his tribulations, Odysseus did not SUCCUMB to despondency.

-to yield or give way to a superior force; to die (usually followed by TO)

Ex. stop fighting cancer, to just stop the arguing and give in

Her parents worried about her since she was SUSCEPTIBLE to peer pressure.

-Easily influenced or impressionable; subject to, prone to , or sensitive to

Ex. atheletes to injury