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colloquial (adj)
ordinary, fermiliar and informal conversation
-hella is a * word that everyone uses, up north.
contrite (adj)

-* man payed 20 times in order to be forgiven by God
hedonist (n)
pleasure seaker ?
insularity (n)
narrow mindedness ?
eclectic (adj)
many different kinds

- an * collection of paintings
iconoclastic (adj)
somebody who is: free thinking, radical
alone, w/0, abandoned
munificent (adj)
very generous
dour (adj)
repository (n)
storage place

- the garage is many times a * for people's cars and stuff they don't know where else to put.
stultifying (v)
to make someone look silly
to dull someone's interest by being boring/ repetitive
-he liked * others to make himself look smart
circumlocution (n)
an inderect way of speaking
-the president used * when he talked about the war to make our bad situation sound better than it really was.
parsimonious (adj)
avaricious, stingy
allusion (n)
a refrence (to: hisotry, litererature...)