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1. To deviate from what is expected.
2. To take away; to detract; -- usually with 'from'.
3. To disparage or belittle; to denigrate.

If someone wants to derogate from that and make a choice, then they are free to do it.
-- Ciaran Fitzgerald, "Food champion'srecipe for success", Irish Times, November 13, 1998
Think: derogatory is a deviation from what is expected... Using derogatory language to BELITTLE someone detracts from you
1. A vague feeling of discomfort in the body, as at the onset of illness.
2. A general feeling of depression or unease.
Think: maladies like The Interpreter of Maladies
adj. Pertaining to fields or the country; rural; rustic.

The funniest and most agrestic of all his paintings were, undoubtedly, the cows.
-- Robert Hughes, "An Outlaw Who Loved Laws", Time, July 26, 1993
Agres-- like agriculture, where animals graze in the country
1. To cause to disappear by rubbing out, striking out, etc.; to erase; to render illegible or indiscernible.
2. To destroy, as a mental impression; to wipe out; to eliminate completely.
3. To make (oneself) inconspicuous.
Rub your FACE to make your make up disappear
Evenness of mind; calmness; composure; as, "to bear misfortunes with equanimity."
When one is happy, one can look at both comedy and tragedy with equanimity.
-- Phillip Lopate, Totally, Tenderly, Tragically
Acuteness of perception or vision; sharpness.
An acute sense of these things!
Not to be persuaded or moved by entreaty or prayer; unchangeable
Can't be "exorcised"
Of or pertaining to walking about; itinerant
Think: It's 'pathtic' to have to be walking around all the time and not settling down because you have such a full "itinerary"
The act of violating faith or allegiance; violation of a promise or vow; faithlessness; treachery.
Having just fought a war to get rid of a king, the framers had "the perfidy of the chief magistrate" clearly in their sights when they included broad grounds for impeachment.
-- Ann H. Coulter, High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Concerned, careful, apprehensive
Be apprehensive and careful when dealing with solicitors